SUMLI was born in Bordeaux in 2015, from the conjunction of several sources of inspiration: the taste of travel and the discovery of otherness (nourished inter alia by a long study stay in Bangkok), a growing interest in Crafts and Art in general, the absolute necessity to build sustainably, without forgetting our concern to create an enlightened and humble architecture.

For us architecture should not only leave a visual fingerprint, it must also summon other senses: the sense of hear, the sense of smell, touch and why not that of taste.

We believe that it must be capable of transforming our sensory experience without even being aware of it.

Our work is based on: a privileged listening of all the concerned users, a reasoned integration in the site, a respect of the heredity for the transmission of a heritage but also a constant desire to be confronted to the new questions.

It is thanks to the taking into account of the principles - which seem to us fundamental - of the vernacular architecture and the particular attention paid to the processes of manufacture of which the most recent ones that our vision was built: to conceive with the social presents cultural and physical.


14 bis rue Bourbon